About Conference

The demand for and usage of biomaterials in various medical applications has increased significantly across the globe over the last few years. Several government bodies and universities have extended their help in the form of investments, funds, and grants to promote research on the development of novel biomaterials. Drexel University granted USD 200,000 to the National Science Foundation for research on how biomaterial-mediated control over macrophage behavior affects biomaterial vascularization. Such research and funding activities are expected to boost the development of innovative biomaterials, thus offering an array of opportunities for the growth of the biomaterials market.

To focus on significant growth of biomaterials and to further study the role of biomaterials in current medical practice, Continuum Forums is organizing the Biomaterials World Forum in Barcelona, Spain from March 17-19, 2022.

While focusing on current research outcome in biomaterials and tissue engineering; the meeting acts as a global platform to identify important areas for future research in biomaterials. Use of medical implants in treating major diseases, novel methods to promote healing of human tissues, and discussions focusing on biosensors, molecular probes, nanomaterials and drug delivery systems will be of interest to the audience.

The event will attract celebrated professionals from different but interrelated fields of biomaterials and will pave way for new research and technological developments. Students and research fellows attending this meticulous gathering will learn from their peers and find new pathways in their current research. Policy makers, industry professionals, members of associations and academic professionals will benefit by presenting their ideas to a large audience and by fostering new and lasting connections that further their career and business goals. We hope this conference provide a wonderful opportunity for all the participants to learn something new in their fields while they experience the serene beauty of Barcelona.

We look forward to welcoming you in Barcelona, Spain.