1. Do I have to present a talk or poster at the conference to attend?

No. We welcome attendance by all scholars, regardless of their participation in conference sessions. However, registration is mandatory for delegates.


2. Are there limits on how many sessions I can participate in?

Yes. Participants may present no more than two papers at the conference and then chair or discuss an additional third session.


3. Where do I go to register for the conference?

Once the registration for conferences is open, you may register for the conference via our online Registration page. All conference participants must register by a certain date (refer to the dates in respective conference page), or their presentation information will not appear in the printed conference program.


4. Can I get a discount for registering early?

Yes. We offer an Early-Bird discount on all registration levels to those who register for the conference by a certain date. More information about registration rates for the conferences is available at the Registration page.


5. What does my registration fee include?

You will receive a name badge and program when you arrive on site. With this name badge, you have access to attend all plenary sessions, concurrent sessions, tea/coffee breaks and an evening reception.


6. What are the charges for an accompanying person?

All accompanying persons must complete applicable registration. Please read the registration information before you complete the Registration Form.


7. Is there any exempt for members of affiliated institutions and societies from paying the individual registration fee?

No. All conference attendees must formally register for the conference. This includes members of associations and faculty associated with supporting institutions. However, there will be a discounted fee for such members the details of which are available at Registration Policy page.


8. I will not be presenting any work at the conference. May I attend the event without registering?

We welcome participants who are not presenting work, but registration is required. You can register on-site, or you can register in advance at the early bird registration rate.


9. I just want to attend my colleague’s session. May I register for a single day at a reduced rate?

No, unfortunately single-day registration is not permitted for our conferences. To encourage sufficient audience attendance for all presentations and foster a genuine interdisciplinary intellectual community, we insist that all attendees register for the entire conference.


10. Is there a word limit for papers submitted at the conference?

While there is no particular word limit for papers, all presenters should be prepared to speak for about 10-15 minutes. This number is a rough guideline and presenters should make sure to confirm this with their Session’s Chair who will have the final say on the timing of presentations.


11. How and where do I upload my paper?

Paper upload information will be made available closer to the conference and the same will be informed to the participants well in advance to the commencement of the conference.


12. Will there be A/V equipment at the conference venue, and what do I need to bring in order to use it?

A/V equipment will be available in all session rooms. Session organizers are strongly encouraged to collect all presentations on a USB flash drive before the conference and then to arrive early to pre-load these files and test equipment controls. This will help prevent technological delays during the session. Remember to bring your own laptop and connector as well as your presentation on a flash drive.


13. I am no longer able to attend the conference. What should I do?

E-mail us directly at addiction-forum-2021@continuumforums.com to let us know of your withdrawal from the conference as soon as you know you won’t be able to attend. If applicable, also drop your session organizer or the conference secretary a note to let them know so they have time to find a replacement.


14. How long should my presentation be?

Presentations run between 10-15 minutes long depending on the number of panelists.


15. What is your policy on canceling my registration?

Please see the Cancellation Policy description on this page.


16. How do I register for the conference?

You can register for the conference by visiting our conference website. There, you can complete the online form to complete your registration. Payments should be made by PayPal, accepted Credit Cards as well as checks. Please go through the Registration Policy page for information regarding registration payments.


17. Can I cancel my registration?

Yes. To cancel your registration, please mail to addiction-forum-2021@continuumforums.com However, please note that Cancellation Policy will apply for such cancellations.


18. Can I see what sessions will be presented before I arrive at the venue?

Yes. The program for the conference is posted online as soon as it is finalized.