About Conference

2nd International Forum on 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing will be held during November 14-16, 2022 in Valencia, Spain bringing together a multi-disciplinary group of academic and industry professionals to present and exchange breakthrough ideas relating to 3d printing and additive manufacturing.

The forum aims to promote current research and share experiences among the participants through discussions, presentations and contributions on a more internationally competitive platform. The conference will bring together eminent scientists, astronomers, researchers, students, industry leaders and education practitioners on a global platform to enhance 3d printing and additive manufacturing research and practice and to study the role of 3d printing in helping us understand how the universe behaves.

The forum anticipates a huge number of participants from around the world to deliver insightful keynote lectures, informative speeches, thoughtful plenary talks and inspiring oral and poster presentations. The conference brings together panelists of recognized international scientific prestige and includes several brain-storming discussions, literature reviews, lab observations, technical workshops, exhibits and cutting-edge research work that will foster innovative collaborations between industry and academic professionals. It will further help in increasing our awareness on 3d printing and additive manufacturing and will explore new tools and methods generated by different researchers across the globe. Theoretical understanding of participants will be refined through hands-on guidance by experienced faculty and researchers in additive manufacturing and will help you master key concepts and build strong research abilities. We hope this forum will address the challenges and solutions in these interesting fields and creates an interactive space for learning and networking among the participants.

We look forward to seeing you in Valencia, Spain.